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The West Float dock provides temporary berths for a variety of ships which enter via the East Float dock and Alfred Lock from the River Mersey. Adjacent to the Lock is the Roll on- Roll off ferry regularly carrying passengers and vehicles to and from Ireland. A passenger carrying ferry operates regularly between Liverpool Pier Head, Seacombe ( Wallasey )and Woodside ( Birkenhead ). (The Wallasey link has much of interest to anyone interested in local history).

The Twelve Quays ( as the area is now known ) are at the hub of roads having direct access to the M53 motorway taking vehicles South and other directions radiating from it. Direct access to Liverpool waterfront, the City Centre and Motorways for North and Eastbound traffic ( just over 2 miles away ) via the Mersey Tunnels ( either Kingsway or Queensway ) .This part of Wirral has excellent, direct access to a free flowing road network for all commuters. A short easy drive connects the area to Liverpool Airport ( John Lennon Airport ).

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The River Mersey itself has occasional visits by the QE2, most recently the Queen Mary 2, Cruise ships, Tall ships and warships which usually moor in front of Liverpool's picturesque waterfront and skyline, when seen from the Birkenhead/Wallasey coastline. A German WWII U-boat ( U-534 ) cut into sections is displayed at Woodside Ferry Terminal .

A passenger carrying railway with regularly placed stations runs close by to various parts of Wirral and Liverpool with links to areas beyond. The main shopping areas of Birkenhead and Wallasey ( Liscard ) are a short, train, bus or car ride away from the West Float and East Float areas of the Twelve Quays .

There is very much to offer residents and visitors alike, who wish to explore or live on the Wirral, some of which can be seen on the Visit Wirral website.Travelling around the coastline from Seacombe either cycling or walking it is not neccesary to leave the shore. This brings you via New Brighton, Moreton, Meols to arrive at West Kirby and the start of spectacular views across the River Dee to North Wales and very scenic sunsets. This is the rural side of Wirral, with much open country laced with country lanes, old houses and cottages.